The Biker’s Trophy : The Journey so far.

The Biker’s Trophy is a superbike competition that has been held every last Saturday in the month of  November in Nigeria since 2013. Superbikes go on a closed road course and are ranked according to fastest times to select the winners. The competition has seen grown into a championship hosted on the first race track in the country in 2017.
In 2013, in its maiden edition, only the brave partook in the BT as the road was not closed! Competitors had to go on the highway with live traffic from Abudu to Benin with and back and ranked by the time elapsed (I know, unprofessional, risky, unsafe but what about your cholesterol level?). Only the 1000cc bikes category was available to contest in. Now if that wasn’t ballsy! This called for a safer way for this breed of people to satisfy their cravings. Mondilla won that BT, the first ever in Nigeria.

In 2014, arrangements were made to close a freshly constructed stretch of road at Urhonigbe, Edo State, a few kilometers off Benin Asaba Highway near Abudu. This was 33km of baby skin smooth tarmac with tricky twists and turns. However, not a lot of contestants showed up in the category and most that showed up were either disqualified or crashed. Yes, crashed. Jack of AAirbenda A41 won the championship for this season.

Trail for the 2014 and 2015 BT

Then came 2015, more contestants, more safety measures, more race prepared bikes. This time, 600cc category was introduced. DOT won for the 600cc category. Al-Pacino, now of 24/7 Racing, with his 600cc was second fastest overall in both supersport and superbike categories and was made the runner-up in the 1000cc category. Jack (AKA Airbenda) of A41 won in the 1000cc superbike category.

2016 BT was glorious! Same closed course, way more bikers in both 600cc and 1000cc categories but this time, a super car category was introduced. Basically no rules to the type of automobile in the super category, as long as it was a vehicle with four wheels that moves on the road. 3 racers contested in this category:
A 400hp 6.2L V8 Camaro modified for a track, an all-wheel-drive 547hp twin turbo v8 BMW X6//M and a 190hp Rage Comet R. The BMW X6//M won in this category and set a faster time than even the superbikes. Unbelievable, an SUV (fine, crossover SUV) beating the superbikes! Ahmed Al-Pacino won in the 600cc supersport category and Jack won in the 1000cc superbike category.
This 2016 BT was quite colourful and had in attendance officers of the FRSC, The Nigeria Police and DSS for security. Supersport (the TV channel) was on the ground and captured the event but up till the time of writing this article, their footage has not been seen by anyone. By this time, the lovely people of Urhonigbe and neighboring villages had become accustomed to the sounds of superbikes speeding past one day, every November and looked forward to it each year. The kids lined the streets and waved at attendants from all over the country arrived and departed. Their hopes to see the same sight in the coming year 2017 would be cut short, as the organizer of this event had pulled down the sky to complete make the next event possible at the Motorsport Raceway track in Evbuobanosa. It would be safer and more conducive and move so many steps forward to pure motorsport in Nigeria.

2017 Bikers Trophy was a truly exhilarating sight, watching superbikes speed past the front straight at the Motorsport Raceway Evbuobanosa. The sights and sounds happening right there in front of a fairly large crowd on Nigerian soil cannot be put in words. For most people, such sights and sounds are only shown on TV, but on this day, a lot of blood, sweat, money, tears and passion made it happen live in front of them. The super bike teams came in colorful full race equipment and bikes set up for full on race mode. Jack again would go on to win the superbike 1000cc category after a hard fought battle for 1st position with Argo. The Road X show case race, a preview of the coming 2018 Road X Championship was also held on this day.

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