2018 RoadX Race 3

31 May, 2018, weather forecast predicted light showers for most of the late afternoon (you have to consider everything before and during a race). Earlier in the day, we had some free practice and the Biker’s Trophy contestants had their qualifiers (their race will be in November on the same day as the season finale of our race – madness!).
It had been 2 months since our last race and we had done some more improvement on the car. We qualified second and shortly after general qualifying, the rain started. We postponed starting for an hour and when the rain didn’t subside, we started the race. It would be the first wet race this season. African Elephant racing (as usual, *sigh*) qualified first. Outdoors racing had a technical issue with their car and couldn’t partake in the race.

Starting grid looked like this.
Grid# Racing# Team Name
P1 26 African Elephant Racing
P2 95 Fast Lane Racing
P3 09 BKG Racing
P4 18 Rage Motorsport Benz
P5 44 4eva Racing 44
P6 76 Ikenga Racing
P7 07 Dark Matter Racing 07
P8 08 Rage Motorsport BMW
P9 88 Inferno Racing 88

This race was drama filled as the wet conditions caused a lot of spinning. Start formation was maintained with AER leading lap 1. Fast Lane kept the trail close enough and snatched P1 along the Enogie straight in Lap 2. We dominated the race from Lap 2 till the end, lapping cars up to P4. Rage Motorsport Benz finished second, AER finished third. BKG had to stop for a tyre change and finished last.
Outdoors Racing 66 was not in this race due to the issues his car had during free practice and AER number 1 driver, the Yoruba-Italian, Bamidele was away on a trip, riding his bike from Nigeria to the Isle of Man TT race event on an island in the UK. Yes, literally rode the bike from Lagos Nigeria, through the desert, to a sea port in UK and ferried to the Isle of Man. Adventurous daring stuff. One could say the whole race outcome might have been different if they were both in the race, but in a couple of weeks we will find out as Outdoors would have fixed their technical issues and AER number 1 driver would be back.

Winning this race bumped Fast Lane to second in the championship standings. AER first, Outdoors Racing third. To win this season, Fast Lane would have to finish first in the remaining two races and AER would have to finish 4th or worse in the next two races (which is highly unlikely). How the season turns out, only time can tell.
Be at Motorsport Raceway on the 24th of August 2018 to find out and watch some grassroots motorsport action.
Article Credit: Fastlane Motorsport

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